Sharon: I would certainly recommend this style to friends who spend a lot of time at work standing.

Describe these shoes in three words.[Vibes Holiday]

How would you explain Hotter shoes to a friend?

Christine: Hotter is my first port of call if I’m looking for comfortable shoes or boots.



One step, two step

Find out what a team of dancers thought when they put our shoes through their paces at their local dance class.[Champions Goldilocks Marathon Winner Brooks Glycerin For 17 The Boston]

Where have you worn these shoes?

Christine: To drive to work and at work, they are great for driving in and its like I’m wearing my slippers at work!

Describe them in three words

Sharon: Stylish, practical, comfortable.

Would you recommend this style to friends and family?

Christine: Definitely, they’re good quality and comfortable.[Review Nike Legend React]

Any other comments…

My first pair of Hotter shoes have seen me through a harsh snowy winter and miles of walking, so hopefully these will be the same.

They were so comfy as soon as I put them on, the perfect size 7! They were very well padded so there was no rubbing on the heel and the sole had a good spring to it when walking.And when she’s not at work Hannah loves to explore the great outdoors.[Dress Wear Color To Beige Outfit With What A Shoes 038]<

Kelly, Christine and Sarah in their new work shoes


For a group of five ladies from Lincolnshire keeping stationary isn’t an option…


Say hello to our latest comfort testing team from Colemans Stationery Shop in Stamford who got in touch to tell us why they were the perfect candidates to test out our shoes in a busy shop environment.

Hannah: I need good comfort and support for my feet as I’m standing all day at work, a lightweight shoe is ideal.[Clarks Stylish Mens Staple The Are Gentleman For Why A Shoes]

Sarah: Good, comfortable, sturdy

When will you wear these shoes? 

Sarah: I’ll be wearing them all day at work and for the walk to and from.

Would you recommend these shoes to friends and family?

Yes I would! They are very comfortable with a nice springy sole and padded lining to give your feet that secure feeling.[The Be At How Perfect Guest The City Wedding To]

Tell us your first impressions when you saw the shoes for the first time.








Vault Tested by Christine & Sharon

They were comfortable from the start



Why are comfortable shoes important to you? 

Sharon: We’re on our feet all day so comfortable footwear is a must.I liked the strap as it gave me more support than an open shoe but also means they are easy to put on and take off.[Classics The]

Would you recommend these shoes to friends and family?

Sarah: Yes, of course!

Hannah: Yes, they’re a good comfortable pair of shoes, they felt like I was wearing slippers!



Shop Sugar  

About the testers: In her spare time Sarah is a keen walker, gardener, reader and crafter.When I put them on they were comfortable from the start, they felt soft but really supportive.



Shop Vault  

About the testers: Christine is a keen crafter and gardener and Sharon a busy grandparent and manager of the store. 







Spin Tested by Kelly

I felt like I was wearing slippers




Why are good quality, comfortable shoes important to you?

As I work full time, the shoes I wear to work are what I’ll be wearing most of the week so they must be comfortable.[Preview Asics MetaRide]

Sharon: They are nice and flexible as I do spend a bit of time either on my toes or the balls of my feet putting the morning delivery away at work.

Sarah: They were a good fit with no rubbing on the heel.The soles felt sturdy with a good grip and the leather and insoles were really soft.[Look Here What Wear Shoes Out To Snow Are To 4 Elements In For]

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When will you wear these shoes and why?

I’ll be wearing them to work, it’s very important for me to have comfortable shoes as I’m on my feet all day.We have several stairs to our storeroom and average over 10,000 steps daily!

Why are good quality, comfortable shoes important to you?

Christine: If my feet are feeling good the rest of me usually is too!

Describe your first impression of the shoes

Christine: Lightweight and although a trainer style they are smart enough for work.I usually have to opt for a trainer type shoe to get this type of comfort but the bounce in these gives me the same feeling but a better look in the shoe.[Review 6 Brooks Transcend]



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About the tester: When shes not at work Kelly loves to explore her local area with lots of walks. 





Sugar Tested by Sarah & Hannah

 Good, comfortable, sturdy




Describe your first impression of the shoes.

What is your priority for footwear, style or comfort?

Sarah: Definitely comfort because I stand for long periods in the day.I do a lot of walking as well as standing all day long in a busy store so it’s vital to have a pair of comfortable shoes.[CHECK THIS OUT SOLING]
Source: https://hotter.com/blog/keeping-stationary-moving-in-comfort-and-style/

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