.It could easily make our list of over 103 shoes for plantar fasciitis we’ve reviewed previously.

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Ecco Yucatan

This review of the Ecco Yucatan is sponsored by Ecco USA. The opinions are completely my own based on experience. 

You don’t need to climb Mayan ruins to appreciate the Ecco Yucatan–it’s a sandal for diehard adventurists and casual hikers alike.With temperatures in the 90s and high humidity, an open-toe sport sandal allowed for better air circulation around my tired feet.If you have a narrow to medium width foot with bunions, the forefoot strap should fit well, but if you have a wide foot, the strap might fit too tightly.

3.Before the final packing of the suitcase, I narrowed down my options to hiking boots (Ahnu Sugarpine), closed-toe sandals (Keen Rose), sport sandals (Ecco Yucatan), Nike running shoes and casual-dress sandals (Naot Dorith).Ecco’s trademarked RECEPTOR technology is the key to the Yucatan’s support and stability.We just got back from a week in Costa Rica with friends and I’m so glad I had my Yucatans.I did wear them on one waterfall excursion and was impressed with their traction on craggy, slippery rocks (plus they dry quickly in the sun).[EVER THE BENDY Amp BEST TRAVEL COMFORT SHOE]

The Ecco Yucatan is available in euro sizes 35-43 (I wear a 41 for my size 10 feet) for $99-130 at Ecco USA, Zappos, The Walking Company and Amazon.

I predict wearing my Yucatans as walking sandals this summer.I wound up leaving the hiking boots at home since they took up too much space in the suitcase, and brought the other four.[And Black Deals Monday And 2018 Cyber Friday Gear Shoe Running]

2.Note that the forefoot strap is only adjustable to tighten the strap, not to loosen it.

Ecco Yucatan Sandals

Ecco Yucatan Sandals

Although I wore my Keen closed-toe sandals on off-path hikes through water and slippery rocks, I chose the Ecco Yucatan for our many path hikes and casual walks through town.I deliberated more than necessary over which footwear to bring (imagine that).While the upper straps are nubuck, they’re lined with soft Lycra® spandex and nylon for a soft feel that wicks moisture.[Brands Organic Lipstick]

I would highly recommend the Ecco Yucatan for women with plantar fasciitis–the heel support and shock-absorption is top-notch.MID STANCE: The foot holds the greatest weight burden when supporting.Yes, they’re great for hikes, but to store them in the closet for that sole purpose would be silly.To quote the manufacturer description:

The three steps identified in ECCO’s Receptor technology are:


ecco yucatanThe Ecco Yucatan’s arch support surpassed that of my Keens, so I gladly strapped them on for any around-town exploring and hikes that stuck to a path.HEEL STRIKE: Your bare foot strikes the ground at a 20 degree angle and so does the receptor in our shoes, this angle gives you the momentum to follow through with the stride.[Arahi Hoka Review One 3 One]

The Ecco Yucatan best fits a narrow to medium width foot and is true to size.Receptor® support allows the great ligaments in the foot to lock in place maximizing stability.
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