“Marie curie showed me light and hope when at times all I could see was darkness.

“Thank you to Hotter for supporting healthcare assistants like me so that we can continue to care for people across the UK.”


Paula is a Senior Health Care Assistant working in the rapid response team across County Durham.She is passionate about giving patients the choice to make their surroundings as comfortable as possible. 






“Our job is to reassure and comfort and to say ‘you did everything you could and you had them at home, as they wanted.’ That’s the most comforting thing really, that the person wanted to stay at home and that was their dying wish – to die surrounded by their own belongings and their family and friends and pets, and you have done that.[Probably 6 You8217ve Heard Shoe Of Cool Brands Never]

“It means to sometimes be able to bring relief to family’s that are in tumoil, who don’t know whether they should call someone in to give pain relief , is it bad enough?? And to let someone else make the call is often a big weight off shoulders.And to thank the Marie Curie nurses and fundraisers who go above and beyond we sent them a little treat for their hardworking feet…




“I feel proud to come to work for Marie Curie, an organisation which genuinely cares and support people and families with a life limiting illness.It brings a sense of satisfaction to know that you have made a positive difference to the quality of a nights rest for a household just by being there.”

Jane Guinney has worked for Marie Curie for 10 years.








“I am immensely proud to be a Marie Curie Nurse, of the work we do, but above all that I am immensely proud of our patients and families.During the most difficult and sad time of their life’s we are welcomed into their homes.For every pair sold, Marie Curie will receive £20 – thank you, Hotter!”


Sian Higson’s mother, Shirley, died of stomach cancer in January 2017 at the Marie Curie Hospice, Cardiff and the Vale.[Extra Wide And For Feet Shoes Thick]


To celebrate our charity partnership with Marie Curie, bestselling women’s boot Pixie, has been given a very special floral makeover.


Sporting a beautiful daffodil print lining, this pretty and lightweight style is limited to just 1,500 pairs.Thank you, Hotter!”


Nurse Lib has been a Marie Curie nurse for over ten years.






Find out how we’ve been raising vital funds for our charity partner in 2018…




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.We arrive as strangers and leave as friends.[EVER THE BENDY Amp BEST TRAVEL COMFORT SHOE]

“I am a small cog in a wonderful wheel which rolls towards offering care, support, understanding and empathy for both patients and families.”

“What a lovely surprise thank you Hotter shoes very kind.”

Linette Nash has worked for Marie Curie for over 13 years in the Merseyside area.

“For every pair of Hotter’s Daffodil Pixie boot sold, Marie Curie will receive £20 helping nurses like me, to continue to care for people across the UK.[Leather Pumps Graffiti Printed Pointed Extremely With Toe Allover]








“I love working and helping people and just being there for them.Everyone deserves the right care in the right place at the right time.

“By purchasing Hotter’s Daffodil Pixie boot, you are helping Marie Curie continue to care for people across the UK.[Our Sneak New Peak Landing Soon Into Season]







“Being a Marie Curie nurse means the opportunity to care for people during the end stages of their lives who are in need of palliative care, having the time to give to them and their families/carers, being able to listen to their worries and concerns and in some instances being able to foster hope to achieve short term goals.


Annie is a Senior Health Care Assistant working in the West Midlands.[Official Of Low Jordan 8220WhiteCement8221 Images The 33 Air]
Source: https://hotter.com/blog/to-marie-curie-with-love-from-hotter/

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