Ashbury Skies is proud to present the BENDY.We crafted a modern, comfortable shoe that is not in conflict with the health of the people making them and one that does not have a large footprint (pardon the pun) on the planet.  The product reviews that have been coming in are awesome.Shop here

ethical, modern and comfortable shoe BENDY An ethical shoe by Ashbury Skies


.Our customers are telling us they are like walking on clouds.We worked hard to make this a very comfy shoe that this is quite rewarding.  Take a look at the our customers are saying.Part sneaker, part flat, it is made from five simple components: a flexible bottom, soft leather, thread, a cushioned footbed and an insole support.Let’s start the revolution of rethinking fast-fashion.[2019 SHOW TRUNK LONDON 8211 9 SUPER SHOWCASE FOOTWEAR BRAND JFITZPATRICK]
Source: https://www.ashburyskies.com/blog/2019/03/bendy-an-ethical-modern-comfortable-shoe-with-5-star-reviews/

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