Invest in Cleaning Products

Once a sneaker gets filthy, it can be nearly impossible to revive it.Try an unexpected neutral like burgundy, olive, or navy.They look great with everything from shorts to casual trousers, making them one of the most versatile sneaker trends a man can wear.

Thick and Chunky

For many years, those hefty thick-soled sneakers evoked “dad at a barbecue,” not high fashion.To tap into that trend, guys can try a sporty high-top sneaker.[Breakdown Nike Inspired Collaboration A Of Vintage Atmos8217 Running]


Take minimalism to the next level with a sneaker in a solid color, sans laces.

Sneakers have gone from strictly athletic wear to being one of the fashion world’s most beloved shoe styles.These sneaks look best in plain white or with bold, color-blocked designs.[Has Air 1 Premium Max Nike Swoosh This Logos Debossed]

It’s also important to wash the laces from time to time, and store them carefully so they don’t get beat up at the bottom of a closet.

Ready to Shop These Sneaker Trends?

What’s better than having a perfectly trendy outfit on? Being with a guy who looks just as stylish as you do.[2019 SHOW TRUNK LONDON 8211 9 SUPER SHOWCASE FOOTWEAR BRAND JFITZPATRICK]

Other shades, like gray and tan, offer a great minimalist alternative to a white sneaker.They also offer one of the ultimate trendy looks: an all-black outfit from head to toe.

However, it’s still valuable to separate the “fancy” sneakers from the ultra-casual pairs worn for running errands on the weekends.Tie-dye sneakers let a guy channel his inner surfer or skateboarder, even when he’s miles from the beach.[Makeup Certified Organic]


For the bold and fashion-savvy men in your life, try a sneaker in a totally unique texture.

But with the popularity of sneakers in men’s fashion, the range of styles has exploded in recent years.But they also pair well with all kinds of different looks, especially a bold style like a moto jacket.Of course, it’s also possible to create an outfit with more than one bold element, but that can take some practice.[FDRA Organise Kong Executive To Hong Summit Global In Footwear APLF]

How can you possibly choose the best pair?

We’re here to help.Of course, beige and black will also never go out of style.

Today’s top sneaker brands are experimenting with all kinds of different materials to add interest even to basic shoes.When he’s ready to add more new shoes to his collection, don’t miss this guide!

The post Pumped Up Kicks: 10 Trendy Sneaker Trends for 2019 appeared first on Shoeaholics Anonymous Shoe Blog.[Products Skin Care DIY]

Anytime they get dirty, he’ll have the products on hand to give his shoes a quick cleaning, preventing a buildup of grime.For a timeless look that wears well with most everything, pick up a pair of sneakers with a classic design.

Leather is a classic go-to, but you can also find minimalist sneakers in suede, canvas, and more.[Shoes Holiday Cocktail 124 To Wear Dresses Style With Best]

Starting with the basics, like a minimalist shoe in a simple color, is a good idea.While these tech elements might be more of a gimmick than a truly useful design, we all know a guy who will flip for them.

Slip-ons are also trendy even when they aren’t minimalist.[Foundation Organic Liquid]

Bright and Bold

Neon colors aren’t just for women.Men can add a splash of trendy neon-brights on their shoes, for an easy way to dip a toe in this trend.[In Sandals8230 Moshulu Weather These Celebrating The I8217m]

Buy a Variety

While men often work with pared-down wardrobes compared to women, it’s hard to find a single sneaker that can work with every look.


Know a man that has every tech gadget known to humanity?

We’d bet he still doesn’t have some of the highest-tech sneakers around.When buying a great pair of sneakers, it’s a good idea to invest in the products to keep it clean at the same time.[Probably 6 You8217ve Heard Shoe Of Cool Brands Never]

This is a great way to show off high-end, designer taste in a way that’s just a bit more subtle than a branded t-shirt.


It’s not just for hippies anymore: a splash of tie-dye on sneakers can add just the right amount of color to a look.[I Where Been Have]

Of course, sneakers have always offered bold branding, like the famous Nike swoosh.Check out the best ones from this fashion fever pitch, and help point the men in your life toward your faves!


Thanks in no small part to the tech industry, sneakers are now considered work-appropriate in countless offices.For example, a suede cleaner is essential for a suede sneaker.

You can find old-school sneaker styles from most of the major brands on the market, so it’s easy to make this trend work no matter what your personal style is.[Boot Unicorn Dream Daisy ]

Don’t shy away from these trendy trainers: just make sure to buy them from a great, established brand.Is it necessary? No.But adding at least one fashion men’s sneaker to the collection will add variety when he wants to switch it up.

Some brands, like Converse, Adidas, and Vans, have found that there’s no need to fix what’s not broken.But it’s a great way to elevate a casual or athleisure look for everyday wear.[Latest Lost Wander Adventure Are My All That Luggages Not]

Classy Logos

Guys who don’t want to wear their heart on their sleeve might opt for wearing their brand on their shoe instead.

The boldest way to go minimal is with a pair in pure, unadorned white.That’s where suede comes in.[To 8211 Break In Depth In Shoes How About Myths Four]

If the man in your life is scared of a daring sneaker, have him get started by keeping the rest of the look simple.

For example, you can now pick up a pair of shoes that laces itself automatically, custom-fitting themselves to the contours of the foot.Today, men’s sneakers have a variety of trends that almost rival the number of trends in women’s sneakers.[Ethical Shoe BENDY 5 Reviews Modern Star An With Comfortable]

Sneaker Styling Tips for Men

He’s got the kicks — but now how to wear them? Whether you’re helping him pick an outfit or just offering some shopping advice, make sure he follows these styling tips.

This is also part of the throwback look, evoking the bright shades that dominated the ’80s and ’90s.Today, sneaker companies are experimenting with cool tech features that were never possible before.[Shoes Make Man The]

You can find bold colors and patterns to make a statement with these simple shoes.To add an extra dose of minimalism to any look, pick up a pair of stripped-down sneakers.

The obvious benefit: they’re super-easy to keep clean.Keep reading to learn about the top sneaker trends for men this year, plus some essential tips for how to style them!

Sneaker Trends 2019: Our Favorites This Year

Men’s footwear trends don’t change quite as fast as women’s.[For Indians Especially Crafted Liberty Perfume Scents Unique]


There’s no denying that the basketball court has influenced style even for non-athletes.Of course, keeping them clean is key.Materials like denim, fuzzy fabrics, and more add dimension to sneakers so even simple outfits can become elevated.


While those thick-soled shoes definitely have a throwback element, another one of this year’s best sneaker trends involves a more literal throwback style.[Love My Letter Trainers World8217s Of Opinion Fashion Regardless To The]

With such an intensely sporty vibe, this kind of shoe won’t mesh well with dressier outfits.The right products will depend on the material.But many high-end brands have brought big sneakers with chunky soles into the spotlight over the past couple of years.

Suede can elevate a pair of sneakers, making them perfect for a wide variety of occasions, and yes — even the office.[Indian Industry Handbag]

Solid Black

For a look that’s not just minimalist, but a bit edgy, opt for a solid black sneaker.

Create a Focal Point

For super-bold sneakers, the easiest way to style them is to make them a focal point of the look.Is it cool? Without a doubt!

Other brands use techniques like 3D printing to design high-tech sneakers like nothing on the market yet.[Preview Asics MetaRide]

It’s the perfect trend for spring and summer since it evokes a carefree, beachy vibe.Not only that, but they can also be dressed up for semi-fancy events, from dates to networking parties.

.In fact, men and women are turning to sneakers in droves so large that shoe retailers are struggling to keep up with the trend.[Comfortably In Ecco And Hike Sandal Heat Yucatan Humidity]

Need to keep your favorite guys looking fly?

Pumped Up Kicks: 10 Trendy Sneaker Trends for 2019

A well-chosen pair of sneakers is the key to taking them from work to weekend in style.Just look for a clean, simple silhouette and a minimum of embellishments.

With these sneaker trends, you can help any guy elevate his style, no matter what his personal taste is.[Ultraboost Preview Adidas 19]

While you can find suede in bold colors, it’s at its trendiest in neutral-ish shades.You can find shoes in all-over neon, or with just a touch of neon to pump up an otherwise neutral sneaker.

Clothes in solid colors and simple shapes can often show off a pair of high-fashion sneakers to their best advantage.[Makeup Prices]


Minimalism has a powerful place in fashion right now, and it’s not likely to die down anytime soon.Quality is key.But lately, some brands have taken this concept to new heights by actually printing the brand name or the logo on the shoe, where you can’t miss it.
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