The last six consecutive summers I have left sunny SoCal to venture to the often cold and rainy Edinburgh Scotland for the International Fringe Festival.But you get the idea.I have made dozens of life long friends who also make the trek to performance mecca every year.Initially, performing at the Edfringe (the short hand title) was somewhat of a bucket list quest.He more or less stated that the Edinburgh Fringe was a must for any self-respecting comic.Gratefully,  I didn’t have to worry about a very important costume this year—so I just got very Zen with the retrieval process.You will eat loads of unhealthy food, drink too much, sleep too little, arrive back to your flat as the sunrises more times than you did when you were in college and be completely wrecked by the end of the month.It’s not an exact quote.Its complete insanity, addictive and wonderful.But by the end of the last week you will be talking about your grand show plans for next year.Thankfully I was reunited with my case in less than 24 hours.It’s like coming home to a loving nutty family.[Makeup Prices]

My travels getting to Edinburgh this year was an adventure in its own right.I had a very specific costume for the show, and of course that was the suitcase that was missing.




.It’s a drug.It was a huge learning curve for me as a performer and it was also the first time my luggage went on a walk about.[Kids For Of Every Other Activity After School Shoes Under 4 Chacos And Types The Sun]

For my first Fringe I brought my one-woman show, “I Didn’t Mean to Be a Virgin in the 80s”.I could share in detail all the fun crazy adventures I’ve had here and it would fill a novel, but until you experience it yourself —you will truly never understand.Nothing- truly nothing like it in the world.I’m a huge Eddie Izzard fan and he was an Edfringer for many years.It cost most/all performers a lot of out of pocket money to get here, performing everyday; often multiple times a day (my record is 11 shows in one day) is brutal.And I knew even before I left the United States (many airline snafus) that I would again arrive in Edinburgh without my suitcase.

Edinburgh and the Fringe is a magical maniacal experience.However, it was a teary stressful day.If Eddie said it—then by golly I must do the Fringe.[For Benefits Organic Of Comfortable Shoes Women The]
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