If a woman can live in a shoe, then why can’t I drive one?

Sadly, I’m gonna need a new ride in the next year or so.I love high performance cars.So maybe we can start a crowd funding for a New Lauramobile.  The worst part of all this—the current shoe budget is at zero as I save for a car.Sadly neither is practical for my wallet or current driving needs.Fingers crossed for the Tesla ;o)


.It has been by far the best car I have ever owned.Yes I need a hybrid—which is hilarious for those who know my “love” of Prius drivers.I also have a passion for late 60s muscle cars—so fabulous in style.My road warrior SUV has 242K miles.And I have had a few doozies; many had made it to stage as comedy.

I can tell you right now I would rock a Maserati! I love beautiful cars! To quote a movie we all know “ I have a need for speed!” Anyone who has even driven with me knows I can pull out the Mario Andretti when needed to get where we need to be—in lets say a timely manner.Shoes- cars they are both forms of transportation and in my life both need to be sexy.I jest in fun.I would love nothing more than for it to continue running-forever.[About Industry Shoe The Truth The]

My mechanic who has been caring for my sidekick has even told me likes a doctor breaking the news about a terminal disease—you need to start planning for the end.

Thinking about a new car is fun, actually having to shop for one and then pay for it—not fun, more nightmare.[CHECK THIS OUT SOLING]
Source: https://www.laurahayden.com/2016/08/shoes-cars-both-transportation/

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